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Written cancellations (e-mail or fax) 24 hours or more prior to pick up time will be refunded in full. There will be no refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of the pick up time. Refunds will be credited back to your credit card.

Extra Luggage

Each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of luggage. Carry-ons must be placed on your lap and in your possession at all times. Driver will collect $3.00 per piece for any additional luggage.

Oversize Luggage

Must be reserved and paid for in advance as follows:

Golf Bags – $6.00
Skis – $12.00
Bikes – $12.00
Snowboards – $12.00
Surfboards – $12.00

We do not handle scooters, non-collapsible wheelchairs, wind surfboards, large trunks or any other such item.

Wheelchair Passengers

We only handle folding wheelchairs. All wheelchair reservations must be made 72 hours or more in advance. Please notify us by separate e-mail or fax so that we can make special arrangements.

Our drivers are not allowed to assist passengers in or out of wheelchairs OR on and off vehicles. If you need assistance, your traveling companion must provide it.


All children too big to ride on the lap of an adult must take a seat and therefore pay full fare. Children in car seats also pay full fare for the seat. If you require a car seat we can provide one for you for an additional $12.00 per transportation. You must give us 72 hours or more notice to reserve a car seat. You must pay the driver for the car seat.

E-mail and Fax address

E-mail and fax address will be provided to you as soon as you submit your website reservation. Here you can let us know if you have any oversize luggage, have a wheelchair reservation and/or require a car seat.